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We all are Born Once in a life time. When our mother delivers our little tiny fragile body In that moment we see light and were alive , Some cry and some are just Confused . But Once we find our Mother or Father our mood become more lovely and we feel secure with our parents Holding us to the world we have just become a bigger family .Times passes by and we are able to crawl and almost starting to walk and say words we hear from the adults .We are starting to think our body and Brain are changing . We start little school and we see other like us were tiny and we behave like our parents or the way we learn .What we see is what we do and show to other to learn some follow your movements and learn from you .We make friends and we move to different grades and classes and we lose friends .And this keeps going until we reach Grade that somehow separates everybody High school .By this time we probably have become the person we will be on our twenty's .By the Time we reach High school we probably thought we were in love at least once but then was heart broken by either side for someone else better or less or maybe it was not working out maybe the person did not like who you were who knows so many endless reasons .But by know some of us have learn lessons about love and relationships .On our twenty's we probably have met our Lover some have not and will keep playing the "Rela" game but its fine some have phycological problems Couse when they were younger or by an old relationships .Some have learn that we only live once and learn that we grow old and would love to die next to a person that treasure them like a Diamond .No no , no creepy stuff What i mean is the person really cares about you and the other person feels the same way .It that's not the case then move on but do it in a nice way don't waste someone time on , an end fall to heart break . Figure out what can be done to fix it or if it can even be fix . Don't lie about love don't take it for granted is a true feeling . Eventually you find your other half and then get married have kids and grow a Family's all over again .And the Cycle will continues

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