the artis

One who just creates new and strange things. I belive they play an important part in life.LIke do u like music, there's always a bone in your body telling to shake it and have a good time. or what about a beautiful painting to reflect upon and just have the chills in your body as u look at it and share some feeling towards it. What about a book that helps realize a feeling so import in your mind that u change and later became mentally strong and then became physically capable of achieving your dreams your wants n goals

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Ever stop and wonder why you're still going, It's because you want to make sure that you make it and continue to grow as a person within . Everything you learned as your get old kinda sucks but I have

We all are Born Once in a life time. When our mother delivers our little tiny fragile body In that moment we see light and were alive , Some cry and some are just Confused . But Once we find our Mothe

so I was at the new job , Dusting the walls I see a spider and I start thinking to myself hum this spider probably got kids and a mom and a dad or a cousin or two somewhere in this building .I started